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UPDATE! Really sorry about this but currently this new login page only accepts user id (e.g. JoeBloggs) and NOT email as it did previously. Apologies to those who have been frustrated trying to log in as they previously did. Your user name is usually your first name & surname with no spaces between, see info below on how to retrieve this if you are not sure.

You can log in by entering either your email or user name in the ‘User Name’ box. Your user name will normally be your first name & surname without any spaces (e.g. JoeBloggs) Please see additional login info below if you need further help logging in.

PLEASE NOTE using the ‘Forgot your password?’ link will not send you a new password, the email you will be sent contains a link and a verification code. You then need to enter the verification code and your user name (not email) in order to reset your password. If you are not sure of your user name then use the forgot username link and it will be emailed to you.

Additional information for logging in

In the User Name box:
Enter your user id (normally your first name & last name with no spaces e.g. JoeBloggs) or your email address (this will be the email address registered with CACH-All which may be an old address if you have changed email address since you last logged in).

In the Password box enter your password. If you have forgotten this you can reset it provided your email address registered with CACH-All is still active (i.e. you can receive emails from it).

If your email address registered with CACH-All is inactive and you have forgotten your password you will need to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reset it for you.

For detailed step by step information on using the forgot username and forgot password functions please see the links below:
Using the ‘Forgot your username’ function.
Using the ‘Forgot your password’ function.