RUKA (Russia - UK Adoption Support Group)

RUKA was set up in 2004 by founder members Cecile, Fenella and Kathy to help families to adopt from Russia, to support the children who have come home and to help maintain cultural links with their birth-place. Since Russia stopped adoptions into the UK the focus of RUKA has been on building strong bonds between the children, the oldest who are now teenagers, and developing friendships among the families.

In the last 2 years, group meetings have been organised by Sara and Jane and consist of an annual weekend in September/October where families meet in the Midlands (to facilitate access from all areas of the UK). The weekend has an outdoor activity day which caters for the different age groups, and back at the hotel cultural activities, meals and swimming, and indoor activities.

Currently our membership stands at 150, with the youngest being three and the oldest 17.

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