Claire Walker



Maya Hewitt


Membership Secretaries

Malcolm Dixon

Officially, I'm "a point of information regarding CACH-All for current and prospective members as well as maintaining and updating the membership database". Previously, I was an IT professional in London. Dad, and a cause of some embarrassment, to a daughter from Xiushan SWI near Chongqing adopted in 2008. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, gardening and a spot of hoovering.

Kate Evans (Adoptee Membership Secretary)

Hi, my name's Kate and I am the Adoptee Membership Secretary. I was adopted from Tongling in 2001 and have been a part of CACH-ALL for my whole life. I have loved getting more involved over the last few years and can't wait to see where we go next!


George Dutton

In my role of Treasurer I am responsible for ensuring that we maintain proper financial records and a stable and sustainable financial position to enable the organisation to undertake its various functions and activities. I am a Chartered Accountant and finance director of a computer company. My wife Ingrid and I have 2 adopted children; our daughter Zhongyao was adopted from Anhui Province, China and our son, Anuwat, was adopted in 2016 while we were living and working in Thailand.

Adoptee Reps

Hannah Mei Grisley, Phoebe Peachment & Millie Hunter

Contact us if you would like to join the teen/young adult facebook, instagram or snapchat groups.

Events Coordinator

Jennifer Huxtable

Hi, I’m Jen and I was adopted from Xinyu in 2000. I’ve recently joined the committee team as the newly appointed events coordinator. My aim is to continue to host in-person and virtual events for the membership to provide a community and opportunity for adoptees and their families to connect. I also hope to encourage more regional and local meet-ups to be organised by members with the support from the committee. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a local event and need any support or funding.


David Kirby

David - I along with my family have been members of CACH-All for over 15 years. I am a Data Analyst Apprentice in London. The role of Fundraising officer has been a challenging but exciting experience for me. I hope as I develop I will be able to dictate more about my role. Overall I am enjoying the role and attending the committee meetings where we discuss the past, present and future of the charity.

Reunion Coordinator 2022



Debbie Doherty (outgoing)
Fu Lian Doble (incoming) 


I look after the website content. I'm very keen to keep the content relevant and up to date so please feel free to send me contributions and any ideas about what you want. I am mum to two girls, the younger was adopted from Chongqing, China in 2004.        Debbie

Website Technician

Clifton Weeks

I look after the technical side of the CACH-All website. If anybody has any thoughts about the site then please do get in touch. I am the father of a girl & boy adopted from China, and work in software development.

CACH-All magazine editor

Margaret Hunter

Festival Coordinator

Tony Norris