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Internships available with CACH-All


Calling all CACH-All Adoptees - don't miss your chance to join the CACH-All Internship Programme 2021!

This is an opportunity for our adoptee members to volunteer part-time, get involved with the CACH-All community, and gain work experience and transferable skills! It's perfect for any adoptees who are looking to gain work experience or complete a Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteering placement.

Interns will volunteer for 8 hours per month for a minimum of 3 months and work on their own brand new or existing project for CACH-All. The Internship Programme is organised and run by the adoptees on the CACH-All Committee, who will also volunteer as 'buddies' to the Interns.
What roles are available?
• Website Intern
• Social Media Intern
• Newsletter Intern
• Events & Outreach Intern (18+)
• Reunion 2021 Intern (18+)
• Fundraising Intern
• Advocacy & Well-being Intern (18+)

See mails to members or contact for details.

Going to Uni?

Virtual meet-ups in May!


CCI UK & CACH-All Meetup - MANCHESTER!! March 1st 2020

Sunday 1 March was the first 'official' CCI x CACH-All Adoptees meetup in Manchester! 🐝

6 adoptees went for some delicious dim sum at Tai Pan 🥟 (and then the pub 🍻) - big thanks to @jade for organising and everyone for coming!

CCI UK & CACH-All Meetup - January 26th 2020 - 新年快乐!

It was a great turnout and our biggest ever meetup - 31 adoptees and adoptive parents! I hope you all enjoyed the day, the different delicious dishes at Dumplings' Legend and activities at China Exchange if you were able to stay. 🥟
新年快乐!Happy Lunar New Year to you all! 🎊🌝🧧🐀

For a photo log in and see News

CCI UK & CACH-All Meetup - November 2019

Here's a photo from the CACH-All x CCI UK Meetup #3  🇬🇧🇨🇳

8 adoptees (+ 2 boyfriends) enjoyed Ice Skating at the picturesque Tower of London - some of us were dancing on ice ⛸, others (including myself) a bit more like Bambi…🦌 Then, we went to the local ‘Spoons to chat over drinks ☕ and later Sichuan food at My Old Place 🍜!

This is the last official CACH-All x CCI meetup in the UK for 2019. We hope to be back in early 2020 with more events and activities planned - open to adoptees and parents (maybe tandem events?) - and hopefully we’ll also meet up in different cities around the UK. 🤞

If you have any ideas for meetups and/or would like to help organise them in your local area, please send me a message on the CACH-All fb group!
Hannah-Mei 🙋

CCI UK & CACH-All Meetup - October 2019

So happy to announce that the 2nd CCI x CACH-All Meetup on Sunday had over 20 adoptees and parents in attendance! 🎉 
We met for dumplings 🥟 and noodles 🍜 at Baozi Inn and then watched ‘The Farewell’ together. No tissue boxes (I think) were used, but a lot of chocolate 🍫 and popcorn 🍿 was consumed while watching the film - and one of us did have a cheeky nap too! 🤣
Keep your fingers crossed if you couldn't make it this time, we will be organising more in the future. 🤞 Please join the “CCI UK Chinese Adoptees” Facebook group to stay up-to-date: (More photos in News)

Teen Weekend - Sept 2019

Another first for CACH-All! What a weekend - run by adoptees for adoptees!

Where are you from?

Rosie Shead says, "I've has written a blog post that may interest some of you after getting fed up of explaining this issue to people. It’s about the fact I get asked all the time “where are you actually from” when I’ve already said I’m from Essex."

CACH-All is a wonderful opportunity to make new life-long friends who have experienced something very similar to you! Being an intercountry adoptee can sometimes make you feel different to everyone else, but at CACH-All that is not the case and you get to meet others just like you.
As you enter your teens there are other great opportunities. If you are a CACH-All member you also get the chance to:

  • Make contact with the many teens in CACH-All - you are more than welcome to join the "CACH-All TEEN" Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram groups (just drop us an email
  • Apply for a CACH-All Grant grant to help fund a cultural education project (aged between 16 and 24 and a member of CACH-All for 2 years)
  • Become a ‘Young Adult Member’ for only £5 a year (for 18 to 24 year olds) Apply now!

CACH-All is for YOU! Please let us know what you would like us to organise e.g. events, website content etc. Contact us at for more information.
Kate Evans, Hannah Grisley & Phoebe Peachment (Teen & Young Adult Reps.)

Note: CACH-All is open to adult intercountry adoptees too!

CCI UK Meetup - August 2019

The first ever CCI UK Meetup was a success! Chinese adoptees (some coming from as far afield as the US, Hong Kong and Scotland) met up in London's Chinatown on Friday 16th August, 2019. We first visited the China Exchange "The Making of Chinatown" exhibition before enjoying delicious Cantonese food (at Cafe TPT) and a cheeky drink in Leicester Square. Thank you to everyone who came!
For those who could not make it this time, we hope to be organising more UK meet-ups very soon! Please join the “CCI UK Chinese Adoptees” Facebook group to stay up-to-date:

Dumpling making

Andrew Gaule put together an exciting opportunity for our young people to learn how to make and then eat dumplings! The event was led by Guo Yue, a great Chinese chef, who taught us how to make Chinese dumplings for dim sum. The group then had a great Chinese meal created at The Bamboo Restuarant, Guo Yue's own restaurant, which we had the exclusive use of.
For: CACH-ALL Teens and Tweens (Year 7 and above)
Where: The Bamboo Flute, 145 Cleveland Street, London, 
When: 9th September 2018, 11am-3pm
Total cost: £32 each which includes the cooking lesson, meal and a wooden dumpling rolling pin.

Adoption & Identity - films recommended by members

See Kelci's TEDx talk on her own story about identity

This is a British adoptee with a you tube channel My Adoption Story

Read Anna Fulcher's blog of her gap year in China 2015-16

'When people hear my full name, they expect to meet an Irish boy. Instead they meet a Korean girl. Welcome to interracial adoptee life.' - Corey, 27 (MTV News)

This is a really impressive video called "Adoption and Identity Interwined" made by an American high school student about being adopted/ identity issues etc. - Adoption Beat (Vimeo)

Look what CACH-All can offer!

Fancy going to China to study?

Tween/Teen initiative

This initiative is designed for children from year 7 and above to join. Any member can organise an event and we hope that increasingly our teenagers will take over and arrange things for themselves.
Ella Doherty (16), one of our Teen Reps, initiated the Teen weekend and helped to organise it. Andy Gaule organised Dumpling making and Mia Gaule (17) coordinated two very successful events, the Climbing Wall/Nandos event in 2016 and Go-Karting/Waggamamas in 2015.
If anyone wants to organise a Teens/Tweens event follow the ideas below and contact the committee for funding and help to communicate the idea.

Here is a guide as to how to organise an event
• Think of an event – bowling, climbing, go-karting, skating - anything that encourages interaction!
• Maybe include somewhere to go for a meal afterwards, this then enables lots of fun and laughter over the event that has just taken place
• Some funds are available from CACH-All, please contact regarding this 
• Set a date and time that seems appropriate. Not too late in case of school the next day, or people having to travel a distance home. 
• Contact families (via Facebook & email from the committee) letting them know the date and time, cost (what is subsidised if you know beforehand), venue etc and give them a cut off date for when you need to know by
• Once you have the numbers, send out exact details of the venue, how to get there, any specific instructions that maybe necessary for the event (e.g. specific clothing). Maybe somewhere that parents can be whilst the youngsters are enjoying themselves (as we parents want to have fun too!)
• Send out a reminder just before and then enjoy the event on the day!