CACH-All Award

The CACH-All Award (previously CACH<Back Fund) is a fantastic resource for our young people, launched back in 2014. At a significant time in their journey to adult hood 16-24 year old CACH-All members can apply to the fund (some T&Cs).

The CACH-All Award is the Charity Award Scheme which has been set up to provide grants and bursaries to individuals or organisations who wish to undertake activities or projects which are in-line with the Aims and Objectives of CACH-All. These are:
- To support and relieve the needs of families who have or are intending to complete an intercountry adoption.
- To advance the education of the public in short and long term issues related to intercountry adoption
- To advance the education of intercountry adopted children and their families (in particular in the culture of their homeland), and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare and for recreation and leisure time occupation with the object of improving their condition of life.

Applicants should normally be resident in the United Kingdom, will be aged between 16 and 24 and be either a member of CACH-All (Family or Young Adult Membership) or an Associated Organisation to CACH-All.

Eligible Activities for support could be related to the homeland, such as Education; Programmes involving Heritage; Parenting, family welfare and development of intercountry adopted children ; Overseas work programmes; Language training or other projects such as advancing Cultural Awareness of the Homeland, Introducing and running educational or medical programmes abroad for children.
CACH-All Award application form (pdf)
CACH-All Award application form (Word)
CACH-All Award t&cs 

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Latest reports from trips made with the CACH-All Award (previously CACH<Back)


“How can I help?” I hear you ask. Well, there are several ways CACH-All members can support this fund without too much effort.
Do you buy items for your household on-line? E.g. When shopping at Tescos, buying from Amazon or using a variety of different on-line services. If so, then please register for  Search for CACH-All and sign up! Here are details for how to do it:  sign-up walkthrough pdf

How grants have been used

Xia Moorcroft

We used the money to buy the Inter rail global pass which gave us the opportunity to explore 5 different European countries together and we had the most amazing time! Read Xia Moorcroft's letter

Hannah Mei Grisley

大家好!新年快乐!I'm currently studying Chinese Language on my year abroad in Beijing, China. I was lucky enough to be a recipient of the CACH<Back Grant last year, which helped go towards my preparation for living in China (visa, vaccines, etc). I kept a blog where I documented living in China, from the food I eat to my travels, including a homestay I took part in over Chinese New Year in a village called Suoyuan in Zhejiang Province.

Allie Haddlesley

Allie used the fund to work as an au pair then travel in China in 2015. Read more


Faith used her award to help fund her trip to India to an International Girl Guide event Read about Faith's trip

Sophie Jefford

Sophie used her money for textbooks and extra-curricular activities related to her degree course at the School of Oriental and African Studies in Chinese and  it considerably contributed to the purchase of a plane ticket to China. More

Robert Penny

Robert received the first ever CACH<Back award to support his studies at East 15 Acting School (part of the University of Essex), a BA in World Performance, which is a hybrid acting course. It includes courses on Chinese opera and many other Asian art forms. The grant went towards Robert’s tuition fees, eventually he hopes that the course will help him fulfil his dreams of not only becoming a professional actor but also to enable him to understand in more depth his own cultural background.